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Good luck to you, dear colleagues!

Dear colleagues,
   I would like to share with you my feedbacks and impressions from the course of modern english vocabulary. To make good progress you need to remember several rules:
   1. Never put your homework off. It's better to do everything on time, because the more you delay - the more outstanding tasks will be accumulated. And then consequently you will have to burn the midnight oil to catch up the material.
   2. Always brush up on new words. It will help you to learn them by heart.
   3. Learn words through practice. Try to do more exercises and to use words/collocations in context.
   4. Grasp the importance of lessons. To be a good specialist you need to operate a large amount of words.
   5. Don't play hooky, because then your affairs will go badly wrong.
Believe me, if you go through these rules - you will gain good marks and make remarkable achievements.
   Additionally, remember that the great success depends on your own attitude. Underlying cause of being straight A student is to put a lot of effort in your studying and hit the books all the time.
Good luck to you and study hard!

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