вівторок, 25 листопада 2014 р.

Letter to my dear alien friends!

     Dear friends,

    I found out that I’m located on the Earth. Can you imagine this? Formerly, I thought that on the Earth are only some ruins, remains, and nothing beautiful! But I need to confess there is really amazing landscape! I’m stunned because I didn’t expect this!    In the video you can see where I am. I’m near some nice cottage which is situated in the country I guess. There is so wonderful view! The house is surrounded by autumn forest. I’m sure you‘ve never seen such a beautiful place on our planet Weirdlandia. Near the cottage you can see nice shed, where people probably keep some working stuff.    The house looks like new and ultra-modern. It is colored in the same color as our skin. It’s cool, isn’t it? The entrance in house is in a little porch. Then you can see the tiled roof and the chimney on it. It means the house is warm and cosy. Also, at the left side you can see small staircase, which is leading to second entrance I guess. Thereby, there formed an outside landing.    If the cottage in such mint condition outside – I’m sure insight it is also up to date. Just imagine, antique comfortable furniture, fully-equipped kitchen, spacious attic, and a huge cellar, where could be situated a lot of fun stuff, or even a game room.    Do you understand my implications? All of you should come here, and we will capture this house! We could renovate it a little just to make it more similar to our alien style.    Hurry up! Meanwhile I will keep track of the house! We mustn’t deliver it. I’m looking forward to you my dear friends! 

                                                Yours, Deedy

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